The perfect wedding day smile is within your reach

You want to look your best on your wedding day  – and remember your smile will be captured on images for years to come. Make sure you have the right dentistry partner to guide you on this journey to the perfect smile. At Dainfern Dentist Studio we know how important it is to look your best on this important day. We also understand that combining wedding jitters and dental anxiety can make any future bride feeling overwhelmed. That is why we want to offer you the perfect package and solution to ensure the perfect wedding day smiles for you and your future spouse.  

We also started this journey with the popular Afrikaans star, Demi Lee Moore and her future husband, Barthlo Visagie. We will share their journey to their wedding with you. You can also experience this journey with our combined package at a special offer. 

I am so excited about this journey with Dainfern Dental Studio to get us smile ready for our wedding – Demi Lee Moore


You will hear these words shouted by family, friends and of course, the photographer at your wedding even more than you can now imagine. Stop thinking about your lipgloss that’s shade might be out of fashion in ten years time and rather start thinking about the perfect, white shining smile that will stand out on framed pictures and canvasses for years to come.

Chipped, cracked, discolored, and stained teeth are some of the most common problems a bride should give attention to in the upcoming year to her wedding. 

It’s important to start the process early and be mindful of what you expose your teeth too. From caffeine, smoke, red wine and the incorrect toothpaste can stain your teeth.

With the ZOOM! Teeth whitening process the discolouration of enamel and dentin can be whitened. The complete procedure takes less than an hour. The ZOOM whitening gel works in combination with the Zoom light and penetrates the teeth to break up the stains and discolouration.

Botox before your big day – now that is a smart choice! Smooth out blemishes, plump up your lips, and get rid of those wrinkles! With smartphones that will be snapping right through your wedding day, you as a bride must look and feel her best! Botox and Anti-wrinkle injections are minimally invasive and administered by a trained professional such as Dr Hannes Scheeper here at Dainfern Dental Studio.

Looking for that healthy bridal glow? You can achieve it – with the help of IV Lounge! Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. Make it count and ensure you are healthy and glowing on that day. 

The IV Lounge offers drips to boost your immune, recover your body after that much anticipated Bachelor and Bachelorette parties and assist with weight loss. That’s right – there is help! See some of the sought after drips below and make sure your sessions are booked to enjoy the glamorous wedding you deserve.

Express Jet Fuel Energy Booster

A quick boost of energy. A mixture of B Vitamins, Zinc and Vitamin C provides your body with the energy it needs to help fight fatigue and boost your immune system. You’ll be running down the aisle without anyone noticing the hard work and stress that went into the big day.

Express Skin Brightening

Picture perfect after this session. Enjoy the results of Hollywood’s favourite beauty treatment. It improves complexion and enhances natural glowing skin. This drip also improves acne and pigmentation. What are you waiting for?

Weight Loss

Not completely ready for that ideal wedding dress? Keep in shape with some help by means of the weight loss drip with Alpha Lipoic Acid. It provides the extra help you need to reach your weight loss goals. Burn more fat, increase metabolism and build lean muscle.


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