Night & Sports Guard

We know that you like to push your body to the extreme but don’t risk damaging your perfect smile.

Smile Makeovers

A Smile Makeover can change your entire life. Don’t hide your Smile behind your hand! Veneers are best used on anterior teeth to fix cracks, gaps, chips, discolouration and other aesthetic problems associated with a smile.

Active Aligners

ActiveAligners™️ affordably straighten most smile in an average of 6-12 months and are known in the dental industry as clear aligner therapy.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

A fast, simple and immediate way to get that dazzling smile you’ve been longing for. Teeth whitening procedures are safe, affordable and definitely worth it.

Laser Dentistry

Dental diode lasers deliver clear benefits over conventional methods of treatment with mostly scar-free wound healing and improved germ reduction. The use of lasers means less post-operative pain and therefore less need for medication.

Gum Shaping

Gingival sculpting, also known as gingival contouring, is the process of reshaping the gum tissue around your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you speak to people about aesthetic dentistry, it will inevitably be about the ‘all white Hollywood smile’ or the reality makeover shows on television.

Ceramic / Porcelain Crowns

Ceramic crowns are “full caps” that are placed over the remaining tooth structure to resemble a natural, healthy looking tooth.

CEREC – Digital Dentistry

CEREC is the new standard in high-tech modern dentistry. Because of the advances in technology,

Invisalign – Invisible Braces

The clear alternative to conventional braces. Don’t be shy to get braces or afraid to have to go through months of having wires in your mouth.

Emergency Dental Services

A toothache can be a nightmare and emerge when least expected. At Dainfern Dental Studio we offer Emergency assistance.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth do more than just create a negative impression, they lead to more serious complications if left untreated.

Facial Aesthetics

“Anti-wrinkle injections” is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smoothens facial lines and wrinkles.

Porcelain or Dental Veneers

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that is cemented onto your existing tooth and made to match your natural tooth shape.

Ceramic/Porcelain Fillings

Ceramic crowns are “full caps” that are placed over the remaining tooth structure to resemble a natural, healthy looking tooth.

Oral Hygiene Dental Check-ups

Good oral hygiene results in a mouth that looks and smells healthy. Oral Hygiene is performed by a professional Oral Hygienist.

General Dentistry

At Dainfern Dental Studio we offer a variety of basic services, treatments include the following: