Dr. Hannes Scheepers

His passion for dentistry emerged at a young age, whilst being in school and assisting a Maxillo- Facial surgeon, his mind was blown by the creativity and art of dentistry and what can be achieved by cosmetic dentistry. It is here where his love for cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic medicine began.

Over time his love and passion grew into an obsession for aesthetic excellence. Being a creative and highly confident individual, he strives for perfection and that distinguishes him from the everyday and average dentist. He finds gratification in the happiness of others.

He obtained his Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Pretoria and has sculpted his skills in cosmetic dentistry in attending and completing various courses in CAD/CAM dentistry and facial cosmetics (Botox® and Fillers).

Nature is what fuels his energy in life. He is a health and fitness enthusiast and keen golfer, who also enjoys hunting and loves good food and good wine.

It’s all about being the best and providing the best. His goal is to change the industry and how people see dentistry. It should be a pleasurable experience that leaves you smiling for days. Your smile is the gateway to your soul, and changing a smile can change a life.

Dental assistant

Roxanne Clarke

This is Roxanne but most people call her Rox since she rocks in the Dental office. Roxanne has worked in a practice since 2012 and decided to study Dental Assisting at TUT and passed with distinction in 2016. Becoming a Dental Assistant was never the plan, she likes to say Dentistry found her. Roxanne loves her job and helping people find their inner beauty with their Smile.

Oral Hygienist

Iman Vancamelbeke

Apart from her obvious interest in teeth, Imanloves traveling, good food and spending time with her family. She discovered her love for oral hygiene when she met her hygienist while undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

She studied at the University of Pretoria, where she claims to have met some of her closest friends. 
Iman loves working with kiddies and the elderly, as she believes that it’s never too early, or too late to learn about oral health.

Dental Receptionist & Personal Assistant

Morgan Olën

“Since Morgan could remember she has always had a fascination for healthcare and biology. One of her many other interests is economics, which she is currently studying towards and hopes to one day obtain a masters degree in.

In her free time Morgan enjoys the finer things in life. Gourmet food and vintage wine is what she prefers to end the week off with, but chicken nuggets also do the trick every now and then. 

The practice of perfection in cosmetics combined with the complexity of business management is the perfect balance of everything she loves, making everyday rewarding. “