Teeth whitening facts that you need to know

Having your teeth whitened is one of the most common ‘glow-ups’ that you can do to improve your smile. This process not only whitens your teeth but boosts your confidence as well. With advancements in technology the process can now be done In-office or at-home, tooth-whitening strips and whitening toothpaste drastically change your teeth color. There are a few things that we need to expand upon when it comes to teeth whitening, we have a few myths that need to be busted.

How are teeth actually stained?

Did you know that your  teeth have very tiny pores, just like that of your skin. These pores are the most common reason why they stain. Coffee or tea, smoking, or certain foods can stain your teeth as these substances penetrate the pores and are not easy to remove with general brushing.With time, your teeth’s natural color darkens and becomes even more difficult to clean. You’ll need more than just brushing. That is where professional teeth whitening treatment comes in.

Avoid old school treatments

Many people attempt to whiten their teeth by using a few home ingredients such as lemon, baking powder, or hydrogen peroxide. These substances, when used in excess, can strip your teeth’s natural enamel and irritate your gums and even cause damage. At Dainfern Dental Studio, we use the latest techniques to ensure that your teeth are transformed safely and effectively.

Don’t be so sensitive

During the teeth-whitening process, it is normal to experience dental sensitivity or a tingling sensation. For those who don’t have teeth sensitivity may feel a little tingling sensation on the gums. It is common for the chemicals can irritate the gums which can cause sensitivity. We at Dainfern Dental usually suggest a post-whitening fluoride treatment which reduces the inflammation and soothes the nerves.

The best time is night time

It is recommended to have your teeth whitened at night because teeth whitening is known to open the pores of your teeth. When you whiten teeth during the day, your teeth are more susceptible to staining because of the open pores. Eating or drinking particular food at this point may increase the staining of your teeth. It is ideal to use teeth whitening products before bed or schedule the procedure at the end of the day.

Contact Dainfern Dental Studio for more information on our teeth whitening treatment and other dental procedures that you may require. 

Source: https://districtdentistryclt.com/teeth-whitening/interesting-teeth-whitening-facts/


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