Did You Know, Crooked Teeth directly affect your overall health

Not only can crooked teeth be the cause of a self-conscious smile and have an emotional toll, but they also affect your dental health. When your teeth are properly aligned with healthy spacing, it’s more likely to promote your overall well-being. Properly aligned teeth provide the access, while brushing and flossing, that you need to remove grit and bacteria that build up throughout the day. It’s more challenging to get into all areas of the mouth when your teeth are misaligned or crooked, leading to harmful bacteria festering on your teeth and gums. Bacteria may cause gum disease or infection, tooth decay or tooth loss, and without proper attention, your whole body is at risk, concluding that crooked teeth affect your overall health.

How Can Crooked Teeth Effect Impact your Overall Health?

Everything in your body is connected. Dental disease or infection may start to attack the roots of your teeth when the infection gets beneath the gum line. The soft tissues and bone that form part of your body’s overall supporting structure are also connected to your teeth. Common diseases associated with poor dental health may include:

  • Diabetes
  • Pneumonia
  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease

How to fix a Crooked Smile

At Dainfern Dental, we offer Invisalign as a clear alternative to conventional braces. Don’t be shy to get braces or be afraid to go through months of wires in your mouth. The new age of braces has arrived.

Invisalign are clear, translucent plates that straighten your teeth in the same way that conventional braces (“train tracks”) would have. Easy to use, invisible and comfortable, Invisalign can straighten your teeth without having any effect on your day-to-day activities. Book your consultation today.



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