Custom Grillz

Removable Gold, Silver, Platinum or Diamond Grillz.

A Smiles That Says “Bling”

Whether you call them slugs, fronts, grillz, or grills, the art of adorning your teeth with diamonds, silver, platinum, and gold dates back to ancient history. Dental jewelry was a symbol of status among wealthy Etruscan women, Ancient Mayans, and even the Vikings. Nevada Dentistry & Braces in Las Vegas can fit you with custom grillz made from various concentrations of gold (10k, 14k, 18k, 24k), white gold, platinum, and even embed diamonds and other precious gems. We take custom impressions right here in our dental office and then they are sent to the lab. Based on your budget we can suggest the best options for your unique taste.

Grillz Make A Star Impression

Today, gold teeth and dental grills have made a come back with the help of celebrities, the hip-hop industry, and famous rappers. Stars make a big impression with their flashy teeth that can be the foundation of their style. With custom made dental jewelry that suits your smile and style, you can too.

Common Questions & Concerns

Who wouldn’t want to show off with elaborate gold and diamond grillz? You might have a few questions before coming in to order your new fronts.

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