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Dr. Hannes Scheepers


His passion for dentistry emerged at a young age, whilst being in school and assisting a Maxillo- Facial surgeon, his mind was blown by the creativity and art of dentistry and what can be achieved by cosmetic dentistry. It is here where his love for cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic medicine began.

Over time his love and passion grew into an obsession for aesthetic excellence. Being a creative and highly confident individual, he strives for perfection and that distinguishes him from the everyday and average dentist. He finds gratification in the happiness of others.

He obtained his Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Pretoria and has sculpted his skills in cosmetic dentistry in attending and completing various courses in CAD/CAM dentistry and facial cosmetics (Botox® and Fillers).

Nature is what fuels his energy in life. He is a health and fitness enthusiast and keen golfer, who also enjoys hunting and loves good food and good wine.

It’s all about being the best and providing the best. His goal is to change the industry and how people see dentistry. It should be a pleasurable experience that leaves you smiling for days. Your smile is the gateway to your soul, and changing a smile can change a life.

Adri Strydom

Dental Assistant

Adri is an experienced dental assistant with a remarkable track record of 23 years. She is crazy about children and cares deeply about the patients, especially the terrified ones. Loves seeing the confidence gained by patients who receive their new smiles.






Melanie Wilson

Oral Hygienist

My name is Melanie, but you can call me Mel. I’m an avid reader who loves snacking on donuts and wishes pasta was part of my everyday diet. I like running but only when I’m being chased. I believe that, in life, you get what you give, so always be kind.

Smiles are free, but they are worth a lot. I’m passionate about what I do, and so I believe that I was created to create beautiful smiles.